Rental Services

Rental of fire extinguishers for outdoor / indoor event and carnival.

Fire Extinguishers

In Eveready Fire, we do service, refilling and hydrostatic testing for the fire extinguishers

Fire Alarm System

Servicing and testing for Fire Alarm System, making sure it is working perfectly fine.

Fire Hydrant

We do the testing of fire hydrant static, flow rate and working pressure.

Service 1 (Rental Services)

Avoid purchasing large number of fire extinguishers and annual service & maintenance of fire extinguisher due to a one-time event or storage issue?

“Eveready Fire” provide rental services for fire extinguishers for carnival/ event held in both outdoor and indoor. We have a large quantities and various sizes of fire extinguishers to be rent out and delivered to the destination specific by the client.


Service 2 (Fire Extinguishers)

“Eveready Fire” provide service, checking and maintenance of fire extinguishers from 1kg to 50kg ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers, Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, Wet Chemical, etc.

“Eveready Fire” also provide hydrostatic testing for various type of fire extinguishers.


Service 3 (Fire Alarm System)

Are you really maintaining your Fire Alarm System? But you can’t tell if the Fire Alarm system in your premises are fully operational just by looking at them. As any of the components and electronics can degrade over time and compromise the systems’ operation.

“Eveready Fire” provide maintenance for Fire Alarm System and other fire equipment (e.g. smoke detector, heat detector, etc) in your workplace.


Service 4 (Fire Hydrant )

Regular hydrant testing is a significant component of the area water supply. It is important to periodically test all fire hydrants to determine their capabilities would be in an emergency.

To determine their capabilities, fire hydrant static, flowrate and running pressure will be tested and a test report will be issued to the client.


Service 5 (Environmental monitoring for Server Room )

we are able to setup environmental monitoring for your company’s server room.


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